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Getting Started With NextGen

NextGen does a custom setup for every client free of charge. During the setup we evaluate our costs to maintain a high service level and then provide you with a proposal and one day of complete documents.

Overview of NextGen Services

Daily bank and credit card reconciliation is a business necessity. Not doing it can cause your company to fail tax audits and bank audits, resulting in loss of credit lines and expensive tax settlements.

Doing it enables you to reduce credit card chargebacks, dispute bonus bank statement charges, and prove your books.

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It is so easy to fall behind in credit card and bank reconciliation, especially as your business grows. Often the employee assigned to perform the function has multiple other tasks to execute.

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NextGen specializes in performing this function, and in so doing maximizes the quality of the reconciliations, consistency, and execution, thereby making it cost effective for your business.

100% of the transactions on the general ledger of the examined company or entities will be compared to the bank statements of the examined company or related entities.

Any nonmatching or anomalous transactions will be identified and reviewed by a certified public accountant with at least 10 years of audit experience at an AICPA top ten firm.

Findings will be documented and presented in a report prepared for and submitted to the client and target company only.

NextGen partners with clients to help them reach their greatest potential by tackling their challenges and capturing opportunities. We offer a wide range of advisory and consulting services.

We embrace an approach aimed at benefitting every stakeholder, while building competitive advantages, encouraging sustainable growth, and creating a positive socioeconomic impact.

NextGen will match 100% of the bank statement transaction detail against the company’s entire general ledger.

After the matching is complete, one of NextGen’s CPAs will review and analyze the results, creating a report showing the percentage of data matches and noting any and all suspicious results.

To run smoothly, businesses need accurate bookkeeping. This in turn requires the knowledge that each transaction did in fact occur and is what it claims it is.

Most businesses deal with multiple transactions, and many of those transactions accumulate unchecked.

NextGen provides end-to-end credit card reconciliation services. We ensure that the transactions in your credit card statements match those on your company's general ledger.

CrushErrors is our patented proprietary software that helps to match 100% of your bank statement transaction details against 100% of the company's general ledger. It identifies vendors with similar sounding names, flags checks that are out of sequence, matches payment credits to bills, and more.

175 million+ records imported
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