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Reliable forensic audit, fraud detection, and more based on deep industry experience

Audit and Anti-Fraud Assurance

NextGen Accounting’s audit and assurance services include investigation, forensic audit, and fraud detection. We’ll cover areas such as M&A examinations & due diligence reviews, financial projections & forecasts, and more.

  • 100% of the transactions on the general ledger of the examined company or entities will be compared to the bank statements of the examined company or related entities. (Please note that we don’t do sampling.)

  • Any nonmatching or anomalous transactions will be identified and reviewed by a certified public accountant with at least 10 years of audit experience at an AICPA top ten firm.

  • Findings will be documented and presented in a report prepared for and submitted to the client and target company only.

Using powerful, current tools allows NextGen Accounting to offer the audit and assurance service quality that customers and financial experts expect.

Our audit assurance services gauge where your company stands and helps you to take the next vital steps. This will help you make future decisions built on strong foundations and guided by pertinent insights.

The Importance of Audit and Assurance Services

Audits provide reasonable assurance that financial statements provide a fair and accurate view regarding the financial reporting framework. Auditing helps to control any fraudulent business activities, embezzlement, misuse of funds, or misrepresentation of financial statements.

Assurance aims to improve the transparency and quality of information, and reduces the chance of problems occurring due to incorrect information and staff malfeasance. Through assurance, stakeholders are given regular updates on financial reports.

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Audit assurance services help to ensure that your organization is following policies, rules and guidelines. They also provide both external and internal confidence for financial statements.

Why NextGen Accounting?

NextGen Accounting’s experienced professionals, including former executives of Bank of America, Barclays Bank and ICBC, will help you to improve investor confidence and navigate change better.

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