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Reconcile merchant accounts, bank transactions, credit card transactions & more

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

NextGen Accounting provides bank reconciliation services and credit card reconciliation services. We do this with our powerful patented software CrushErrors, which is specially designed for huge amounts of data.

This way, we help your company to:

  • Close your books faster

  • Reduce errors

  • Identify poor bookkeeping practices

  • Facilitate due diligence and financings

  • Dispute bonus bank statement charges

  • Reduce credit card chargebacks

  • Prove your books

Daily bank and credit card reconciliation is a business necessity. Not doing it can cause your company to fail tax audits and bank audits, resulting in loss of credit lines and expensive tax settlements.

It is easy to fall behind in credit card and bank reconciliation, especially as your business grows. Often the employee assigned to perform the function has multiple other tasks to execute. Hence, reconciliation ends up mismanaged or delays other important tasks.

NextGen Accounting specializes in performing this function, and in so doing maximizes the quality of the reconciliations, consistency, and execution, thereby making it cost effective for your business.

Our Reconciliation Solutions Include

As a company with an experienced team, we offer high-quality bank reconciliation services and credit card reconciliation services. These include:

  • Full and partial reconciliation

  • Reconcile merchant account statements against internal records

  • Identify cash in transit

  • Creating bank reconciliation reports

  • Reviewing all cleared, deposited, canceled and issued cheques

  • Reconciling bank records with credit card statements

  • Reconciling internal records with customers’ credit card statements

  • Reconciling vendor invoices with general buyer ledger

  • Reconciling bank statements with records your business maintains

  • Reconciling internal financial records with bank statements

The Importance of Reconciliation Solutions

There are many benefits of bank reconciliation services and credit card reconciliation services, including but not limited to:

  • Improved fraud prevention.

  • Reduction in bounced checks, which boosts brand trust and helps earn flexible payment terms.

  • Improved bookkeeping.

  • Improved decisions for payment collections.

  • Accurate financial transaction details & cash visibility.

  • Accurate financial representation via identifying and preventing missing entries.

  • Proof during an audit that every payment really took place, hence preventing failing the audit and facing legal trouble or missing out on investments.

  • You’ll get the resources and time to focus on core business objectives.

Why NextGen Accounting?

  • Powerful, patented software CrushErrors

  • 100% data security

  • Affordable pricing

  • Experienced team, including former executives of Bank of America, Barclays Bank and ICBC

With NextGen Accounting managing your bank reconciliation and credit card reconciliation, you can focus on your core business activities, be better prepared for audits, and avoid accounting fraud.

Leave the tiresome, time-consuming processes of reconciling bank transactions and reconciling credit card transactions to us. If you want to get started on clearing your reconciliation backlog, contact us now!

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